Top ED Insider Stories of 2013

We thought you might be interested in the top stories last year on ED Insider. We’ve listed the top stories by month, followed by the top 4 stories overall.


Jan Industry Training Review Decisions OutThis was the culmination of an 18 months long review.
Feb Occupation OutlookThe 2014 version was reviewed yesterday and that story already looks like it will be January’s biggest one.
Mar Training for Work RFP 2013The post was very popular and the resulting tender led to quite a few new providers in the area.
Apr PBRF – Key Results & Media ReactionNo surprise that this was the top story, as it only comes around every 5 years or so.
May Budget 2013 AnalysisThis is always the top May story.
Jun Changes to EER & PTE Registration RulesThese changes weren’t that exciting, but the compliance checklists affected a lot of readers.
Jul April 2013 SDR Data ReleasedSteven Joyce started releasing enrolment data more proactively, and people were keen to read it.
Aug STAR & Gateway Review – Consultation PaperThere is strong demand for information about the school to education/employment interface.
Sep Joyce Releases Big Youth Guarantee, FFTO & Foundation Ed ChangesThis marked the end of Training Opportunities, which lasted 21 years in one form or another.
Oct Draft Tertiary Education Strategy 2013 We weren’t that complimentary about the Draft Strategy, but we look forward to the final version, which will be the top story of that month.
Nov Who Applied for Direct Industry Training Funding? The results of our OIA request generated a huge amount of interest.
Dec Careers NZ – PIF Review and 12/13 Annual ReportCareers NZ had a scathing external review.


The 4 top stories in 2013, in descending order, are listed below and they show the breadth of our subscriber base. A higher education story was top, an ITO story was next, then a foundation education story, and finally a cross-sector story.


  1. PBRF – Key Results & Media Reaction
  2. Who Applied for Industry Training Direct Funding?
  3. Joyce Releases Big Youth Guarantee, FFTO & Foundation Ed Changes
  4. Occupation Outlook

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