PBRF Consultation Paper #11 (and last)

The TEC’s Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) Sector Reference Group (SRG) has released its final consultation paper for the 2018 Quality Evaluation. None of the changes seem to be major or new, but key people will want to review them closely.

Relevance: high relevance to PBRF participants.

Our Take

  • This is the last consultation paper, and many of the changes proposed are tweaks, often due to decisions made after earlier consultation papers. There will be one further consultation, in 2016, when the final draft of the full guidelines for the 2018 Quality Evaluation is released for comment.

Key Facts

  • The TEC’s PBRF SRG released its 11th and final consultation paper last week (22-page paper). It focuses on the assessment framework and new and emerging researchers. An earlier consultation paper on the assessment framework led to decisions that we reviewed in Nov 2015.
  • The main proposals are summarised below.
    • Changes are proposed to reflect the new ways that Evidence Portfolios (EPs) with Māori or Pacific content may be cross-referred to the Māori or Pacific panels, if they are primarily being assessed by another panel.
    • The term ‘world-class’ has been redefined to deal with concerns that research with a local focus might be excluded.
    • New descriptors have been developed for the Research Contribution Component, to reflect the new structure of that Component (see Appendix 2 for Descriptors).
    • Extra guidance has been provided on how a change to a Quality Category may occur in the holistic assessment stage. This will include the assessment of any EPs with extraordinary circumstances, or where the panel has identified uncommon factors. The information to be taken into account is outlined in some detail.
    • Many changes have been made to the ways in which applied research is assessed within the PBRF, but the SRG has sought feedback on any further changes that could be made.
    • Revised criteria have been developed for determining if a staff member is ‘new and emerging’, along with evidence requirements.
  • Consultation closes 8 Feb 2016.

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