News Fri 24/6 – Workplan Lit/Num. Vision Matauranga. Chinese Presidents.

Policy, Management & People

  1. Intueri to Repay $1.47m Intueri subsidiary NZ School of Outdoor Studies (trading as NZ School of Commercial Diver Training) has been required by TEC to repay $1.47m of the $3.68m it received from 2009-15. We have reviewed the issue in a separate post sent out this morning.
  2. Workplace Lit/Num Steven Joyce announced that the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund would be extended to cover industry trainees at L1-2 – this adds extra detail to a Budget 2016 announcement increasing places in the area. The ITF supported the move, but also called for more effort in the area.
  3. People Massey has appointed Profs Sally Morgan and Robert McLachlan as Distinguished Professors, and their Prof James Chapman was recognised as he moved towards retirement after 36 years at Massey.
  4. Big Numbers The TEU claimed that: inflation adjusted public tertiary education spending in 2014/15 was half a billion less than in 2008/09 in inflation adjusted dollars; and that EFTS:staff FTEs at 18.9:1 in 2014 were much higher than the 16:1 in 2000.
  5. UCOL Cuts The TEU outlined the latest situation on UCOL’s proposed staff cuts.

Research & Innovation

  1. Vision Matauranga Ministers announced the winners in the 2016 Te Pūnaha Hihiko – Vision Matauranga Capability Fund. $3.97m will go to 33 programmes (see full list). & TEOs are lead organisations (Lincoln {twice], Victoria, Massey and Otago Unis; Awanuiarangi; and Unitec).
  2. Health Research The Healthier Lives NSC put out its own release about the new long-term health conditions research fund that we covered yesterday.


  1. Spark Wintec has released the programme for its annual Spark festival in August – looks like a good event again.
  2. Chinese Presidents Wintec is hosting 16 presidents (CEs) from Chinese vocational technical colleges on a 2-week leadership programme. They’re visiting Wintec and Waiariki BOP. It sounds like a very good idea.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Exam Mistake The NZ Herald has more on the Auckland Uni exam printing mix-up that saw 1,000 students sent home. Ouch, someone must have had a bad day after that.
  2. Engineering for Good Canterbury Uni is offering its Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering for the first time this year.
  3. Wonder Room Massey has created a Wonder Room, which seems to be a creativity space.
  4. Interiors An Auckland Uni student won an industry award in interior architecture.

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