This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about ED Insider. If you have more questions or need help, contact us.

 How can I access ED Insider?

  • Email Posts can be emailed to you. You will be sent an email invitation to join that list when you join ED Insider. The service is supplied by AWeber and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you later wish to subscribe again, please contact us.
  • RSS feeds are available. Please only subscribe to the feed once you have logged in to the website, because each RSS feed is unique and is connected to your site membership.
  • Website You can login to the website, as you have done now.

I’m not getting emails. Help!

  • First, check your junk folder. If it’s not there, contact us.
  • Sometimes firewall settings block our mail provider. Our email list is managed by a major US email list firm called AWeber. Our emails are sent from the following email address, which may need to be whitelisted by your IT staff: [email protected]

How can I get my website username and password?

  • Your username is usually “Firstname Lastname”.
  • Your password can be reset on this website – see just below the login form in the sidebar.

What does ED Insider cover?

  • Our weekday news post comes out between 7am and 9am, covering all relevant tertiary education stories since the last news post. It has five sections: policy, management and people; research and innovation; students; stakeholders; and teaching and learning. We usually avoid marketing-oriented stories (ie promotion of enrolment in specific courses, graduations and honorary awards, individual alumni outcomes).
  • The Parliament Report usually comes out each Monday, covering relevant Parliamentary Bills, Select Committee matters, Oral and Written Questions, and NZ Gazette notices.
  • We review NZQA external evaluation and review reports, and university academic audit reports.
  • We review annual reports for TEIs, ITOs and some major PTEs.
  • We also publish standalone posts on major issues, like a new Bill, the Budget, investment plan guidance, quality assurance changes, enrolment statistics, regional economic plans, and more.
  • If you have a suggestion for coverage, get in touch with us.

Does my organisation subscribe?

  • Over 100 organisations subscribe to ED Insider. If you’re not sure if your organisation subscribes, contact us. We can let you know, and pass on a request to our contact to have you added as a user. If your organisation doesn’t subscribe, we can chat about the options.
What’s your angle? 
  • Our focus is to give you information and analysis that you can use to make better decisions. We don’t aim to be part of, or shape, the debate, but we’ll still offer an opinion where it’s warranted. We won’t get it right for everyone, but we regularly test our tone with subscribers. If you think we’ve stepped over the line, or sat on the fence, let us know.

Are you going to get me the news first?

  • We are seeking to be best, not first, with our material. If it’s a big event, we’ll usually try to review it within 24 hours, but there is often a tradeoff between an immediate response purely on the documents, and a later response that also reviews public reaction.

Are there any license restrictions?

  • Yes. The key condition is that subscribers are free to distribute ED Insider material within the subscribing organisation, to staff and (generally, but not always) governing body members, but not outside of the organisation.

How do I add, delete or change users?

  • Each subscriber has a contact who we work with to manage users. That person can contact us at any time to add, delete or change a user, which is done at our end. If you don’t know who the contact is, we can forward your request to them.