Parliament Report 18/11 (Apprenticeship Subsidies Bill, Foreign Medical Grads)

We review a Bill on apprenticeship subsidies in the private Member’s Bill ballot. Written questions covered KiwiStar Optics, AgResearch, and

Parliament Report 17/4

Labour pushed mildly but effectively on postgrad allowances. Written Questions covered postdocs, postgrad allowances and Youth Guarantee, along with some

Newsletter 7/12 (2 More ITO Mergers)

Take on the Week There was progress on two more ITO mergers this week, which should take us down to

Newsletter 20/7 (ITOs Down to 28? Ministerial Appointments.)

Take on the Week ITO mergers are continuing apace. On Monday, we covered the Gazetting of Hort/Sports Turf ITOs and

Newsletter 9/3 (2012 Investment Plans)

Take on the Week Yesterday we released 2012 investment plan analyses for wananga, PTEs, ITOs, universities,