Research Roundup Nov-Dec 2013

This roundup of research issues covers 10 reports from Nov-Dec 2013. Topics included: industry trainees’ migration; migrants’ labour market outcomes;

Parliament Report 11/3 (Student Services Fees Direction)

Steven Joyce has finally released the direction on compulsory student services fees, but it will only apply for Apr-Sep 2013.

Parliament Report 4/3 (CPI Increase for Allowances)

Student allowance rates went up by the CPI (only 0.61%), except for parental income thresholds (freezing had been signalled). A

Parliament Report 25/2 (National Science Challenges, ITO Data)

Steven Joyce announced that the National Science Challenges had 370 submissions. Labour’s Grant Robertson received answers on industry training questions,

Newsletter 4/2 – WITT CE Tussle. UCOL/Wanganui.

Take on the Week WITT’s Council seems to have lost the local PR battle over the non-continuation of its CE’s

Parliament Report 4/2 (Innovation Board Goes)

This is a very large Parliament Report due to a deluge of Labour MPs’ Written Questions on industry training, Skills

Newsletter 3/8 (Canterbury Background Data)

Take on the Week The main tertiary education media story of the week was on Canterbury’s 10-year financial forecast, with