Parliament Report 17/4

Labour pushed mildly but effectively on postgrad allowances. Written Questions covered postdocs, postgrad allowances and Youth Guarantee, along with some

Parliament Report 8/4 (SAR, Postgrads, Students on Councils)

Labour is seeking information on the review of search and rescue funding, and postgrad enrolments, while universities have changed student

Parliament Report 25/3 (Minimum Wage Bill Passes)

A new minimum wage bill was passed last week and it should increase demand for hiring young people. The wider

Parliament Report 18/3 (Minimum Wages)

A Minimum Wage Bill is making progress and could have an effect on tertiary education enrolments down the track. There

Parliament Report 27/8 (YG, Trades Academies)

Today’s report is long, as Labour MPs have asked many questions about Skills for Canterbury, research, postgrads/postdocs and more. Grant

Parliament Report 23/7 (Skills for Canterbury Details)

The Parliament Report is quite long today, but the only issue of interest is the details on the Skills for

Budget Update – Minister at Select Ctte, TEC Answers

Steven Joyce was at the Education and Science Committee today talking about the Budget – there was some new material