Newsletter and Parliament Report 7/1 (NCEA L2 Numbers Up, Postgrad Support)

Take on the Holiday Break It was a quiet holiday period as no major initiatives were released just before Xmas

Newsletter 8/10 (L1-2 Funding Rumours)

Take on the Week WITT was in the paper this morning, concerned about missing out on both its L1-2

Newsletter 28/9 (L1-2 Tender Results)

Take on the Week $38m of funding for L1-2 provision was awarded this week (Minister, TEC, TEU

Newsletter 25/9 (ITOs down to 25)

Take on the Week The pace of ITO mergers is picking up as the end of the year looms, with

Newsletter 13/7 (Visa Fraud, Salary Expectations)

Take on the Week The implications of the visa fraud in China could continue for some time. Government and

Newsletter 16/3 (Growth Agenda and Science)

Take on the Week While agency mergers and public sector targets were the main focus of the work, Steven Joyce

2012 Investment Plans – ITOs

ITOs will have a 6% cut in STMs this year, with three dropping by 24-45%, as the full impact of