Newsletter 3/8 (Canterbury Background Data)

Take on the Week The main tertiary education media story of the week was on Canterbury’s 10-year financial forecast, with

Newsletter 20/7 (ITOs Down to 28? Ministerial Appointments.)

Take on the Week ITO mergers are continuing apace. On Monday, we covered the Gazetting of Hort/Sports Turf ITOs and

Newsletter 11/6 (HRC Funds, Postgrad Allowances)

Take on the Week The Health Research Council released its funding round results last week and we thought you might

Newsletter 5/4 (TEC’s View on BESS)

Take on the Week TEC’s latest investment plan guidance generated one of our most popular posts in a few months.

2012 Investment Plans – ITOs

ITOs will have a 6% cut in STMs this year, with three dropping by 24-45%, as the full impact of

2010 EPIs – ITOs

The TEC has released Education Performance Indicators (EPIs). This post reviews the rates for industry training organisations (ITOs), which have

TEC Recovers ITO Funding

ITOs are being asked to return money from 2009 because their records do not support funding eligibility for some trainees.

2011 Investment Plans – ITOs

ED Insider has sourced the advice given to the TEC Board by TEC staff on investment plans – this second