Readable Reports 20-11-15 (INZ, ITOs, Trades Academies, PreSeed, BGA)

This post reviews six reports released in Jun-Nov 2015, covering: Immigration NZ’s Industry Partnership Programme; ServiceIQ and BCITO plans; trades

Parliament Report 24/6 (Professional Masters Fees to be Controlled)

Professional masters programmes will no longer be exempt from fee movement limits in 2014, under a proposal by Steven Joyce

Parliament Report 10/6 (Dunne Goes, Code Moves to NZQA)

Peter Dunne’s resignation should not affect tertiary education too much, and nor will the shift of the Administrator of the

Parliament Report 3/9 (ITP Youth Guarantee Enrolments)

There’s a fair bit of detail below, but the only interesting fact is that there have been 1,741 Youth Guarantee

Parliament Report 27/8 (YG, Trades Academies)

Today’s report is long, as Labour MPs have asked many questions about Skills for Canterbury, research, postgrads/postdocs and more. Grant

Parliament Report 6/8 (Lobbyists, Youth Guarantee)

Lobbyists should keep an eye on the Greens’ Lobbying Disclosure Bill and consider putting in a submission if they want

Labour’s Tertiary Education Policy 2

This enormous post reviews relevant Labour Party policies beyond their tertiary education policy reviewed in mid-October. We apologise for the