Newsletter 13/9 (Uni Rankings, MOE/TEC Changes)

Take on the Week It has been a busy week for posts, with 15 since the last newsletter. Next week

Newsletter 13/5 (Cheating, Health and Safety)

Take on the Week Yesterday’s Fairfax story about a cheating service for Chinese-speaking students has gained a lot of coverage

Newsletter 11/3 (Canterbury Enrolments, Lincoln Quals)

Take on the Week Canterbury was in the news this week over 2013 enrolments and arts funding cuts. First year

Newsletter 8/10 (L1-2 Funding Rumours)

Take on the Week WITT was in the paper this morning, concerned about missing out on both its L1-2

Newsletter 14/9 (New Auckland Site, Aoraki Deficit)

Take on the Week The biggest tertiary education event this week is Auckland’s conditional agreement to buy the old Lion

Newsletter 29/6 (L1-2 Funding Approach Announced)

Take on the Week Steven Joyce made a speech yesterday on foundation education (release). He said that he

Newsletter 11/6 (HRC Funds, Postgrad Allowances)

Take on the Week The Health Research Council released its funding round results last week and we thought you might